What we do


We want to empower the broad mass of undiscovered young talents and equip them with the tools and connections to succeed as an entrepreneur.

In short workshops we inclusively reach out to all young people and activate their self-confidence and entrepreneurial spirit. We then further educate, coach and connect these new entrepreneurs to build small and medium enterprises.

GO! Entrepreneur is where young people discover their potential and become active as Entrepreneurs.


How we do it


In our workshops, young people recognize their abilities, explore their creativity, develop their ideas to ready-to-market in a fun environment and realize: "I can make my own living!" Participants become more confident and motivated to positively impact their community.


Using a "train the trainer"-system we are able to reach also remote areas and get in contact with as many young people as possible. The coaches are first contact, community-builder and our connection to every young African, who wants our support on the way to entrepreneurship.


Our coaches and employees are locals. They know their people and the different cultures. So our way of coaching can best be adapted to local needs and habits. Because sometimes "white men really can't jump".

Help young Ethiopians to become Entrepreneurs

Through the focused training of teachers in Africa, students learn self-confidence, purpose, and motivation -- as a basis for self-initiative and entrepreneurial thinking.

This is How Your Donation is used: The training of a local teacher in Africa costs 500 Euros -- the participation of a young student at two workshops costs 5 Euros.


Africa is rich